Smart Investors Not Only Save Tax But More

Smart Investors Not Only Save Tax But More

Did you know that you can plan for your retirement and save Taxes at the same Time? By making smart and timely investments, you cannot only save Tax but also invest in your long-term financial goals.

Here’s the story of Suresh!

Suresh was investing in Equity-Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS).He started his monthly Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of Rs. 12,500 when he was 25. He was investing this amount to save Tax. At the age of 50, Suresh can have a corpus worth Rs. 4 Crore or more.

He is now planning to retire at the age of 50 and fulfill his passion goals.

By just doing Monthly SIP in ELSS* to save Taxes, you can build a strong retirement corpus.*We at MEGA suggestbest ELSS schemes to save tax as well as to build strong retirement corpus; for more information feel free to Contact:

It only happens with ELSS!

There are many more benefits of investing in Tax-saving Mutual Funds. These benefits are not available in other Tax-saving instruments. Here’s a comparison of ELSS with other Tax-saving instruments:

Investment to save Tax
every year
(since 2008)
Rs. 1 Lakh Rs. 1 Lakh Rs.1 Lakh Rs. 1 Lakh
Current inte-rest rates/
return rates
8% 7.60% 6.85% 15-18%
Avg. Returns in last 10
8.16% 8.30% 7.74% 20.30%
Return in
Rs.15,40,427.45 Rs.15,50,269.92 Rs.15,02,575.25 Rs.32,02,381.07
Lock-in 15 years 5 years 5 years 3 years
Covers infl–ation No No No Yes
Cost-averagi-ng N/A N/A N/A Yes
Can divide into small
Yes No No Yes, through SIP

Courtesy: Mint Date:- 18 February 2019(UTI Swatantra)

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